What Are The Importance Of Water To The Kidneys And Entire Systems

Do you know you can reduce the burden in the kidneys by drinking only potable /good water instead of carbonated drink?
Do you know drinking good/potable  water can promote weight loss? Today's discussion is going to be long post . It's a topic most are familiar with, but some people doesn't know this, and they need to be enlightened. It something that is not just important to the kidney, but to the entire systems . Pls if you like taking carbonated drinks /beverage or soft drinks,  Change it to potable water. It helps the systems more than what you think.


 The human body is made up of about 60 percent water which it uses to carry out basic bodily functions. It is important to replenish the body with water from time to time because it keeps losing this powerful liquid throughout the day while breathing, perspiring and urinating.


HELPS DIGESTION: Water aids digestion. The human body needs water to digest food properly. If there is a lack of water in the body, you may develop constipation, which can further lead to several health problems.

ELIMINATES TOXINS: The primary function of the kidneys is to eliminate waste from the body. Drinking enough water lowers the burden on your Kidneys. Therefore, adequate amount of water in the body is essential for the excretion of bodily waste.

COMBAT AILMENT: drinking water regularly keeps the body's functions going. If you lack water in your body, you are susceptible to headaches, migraines, fatigue, drowsiness and depression.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: IF you are dehydrated, blood circulation in your body may alter because of the thickening of blood. This may lead to headache & extreme fatigue. So, the more water you sip the better your blood circulation will be.

MAINTAINS BODY TEMPERATURE: Water helps to cool the body in hot weather and insulate it in colder weather.

BENEFITS THE SKIN: Water can promote weight loss by draining out by-product of fat decomposition and diluting the body's waste. Moreover, it is an appetite - suppressant. You may drink water before meals to reduce the intake of food.
 To keep your skin soft and supple, drink lots of water. It moisturizes the skin and helps muscles to contract properly. 
source: omotayo kidney care foundation

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